ImageThere are parts of London I wouldn’t want to be gay in – trust me, I wouldn’t be singing along to my Destiny’s Child playlist on Peckham high street,  so when I heard of the proudly transsexual women of Karachi I was baffled, inspired and baffled once more.

Homosexuality is illegal in Pakistan, so unsurprisingly it’s never been top of my travellers bucket list – yet it turns out the place isn’t hating on the queens as much as one might assume!  Transsexualism, although not regularly addressed, is widely accepted in the country, Karachi in particular  – and Pakistan now allows transsexuals to officially change gender on legal documents. Part of me feels that the fact that trans people aren’t generally discussed in Pakistan is a good thing, it’s simply not an issue, and with the current rants from heterosexuals about the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ as gay marriage is legalized in Britain it’s quite refreshing to hear of a place where people still mind there own business.

Finding out about things such as this definitely make me feel that what we read in tour guides and online can be misleading. Discover a place for yourself, don’t take what The Lonely Planet says as written in stone – stones can be filed down and rewritten.


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